Legal Support

Bindmans have agreed to provide over the phone legal support for the days actions.

There number is 020 7833 4433 write this on your arm.

The answer machine service will give a number for a pager and will get a legal bod to ring you straight back.

4 Responses to Legal Support

  1. Claire says:

    I would like to do legal support/observing/fit watching on the day.

    • angry_rabbit says:

      Hey Claire, if you keep an eye on the site / indymedia on Saturday we will announce a meeting point for our march to start, just turn up and feel free to do what you can!

      There will be other fitwatchers there on the day…

  2. (A) says:

    I reccomend Hodge, Jones and Allen over Bindmans.

    If youre gonna get a london law firm, might as well be them. Much better in my opinion (they are the standard firm we put on bust cards now)

    Reply // Cheers, Yeah Bindmans have agreed to do legal for us, just waiting on the legal number.

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