There are loads of coaches going from all over the UK and Ireland…

Get a lift with the Right To Work lot… details here.

or if you are in London you can get Cheap National Express tickets (from £4.50 adv) which get you into Brum early and last bus home is 21:45!

There will be a convergence space and squats for people to sleep in Brum if needs be, ask around on the day, for those of you who wanna spend the night having a smashing time with us…

3 Responses to Transport

  1. angry_rabbit says:

    There is a possible bus going from Hereford, through Worcester / Malvern.

    Contact the Hereford Solidarity League.

  2. Paul says:

    Quite a few of the coaches with the Trots are gonna be free

  3. Blu says:

    coach with SWP lot going from Swansea at 8am and Cardiff and 9am.

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