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Are you ready?

Some things we are currently working on…

– Getting leaflets done for the run up to the CPC specifically highlighting class struggle.
– Legal support / arrestee advice number (probably Bindmans).
– Bustcard for arrestee support containing advice on arrest and “No comment” etc.
– Squatted Convergence space for the day.
– Action medics and recovery space for activists.

Some things we need help with…

– Fitwatchers / Legal observers
– Action medics
– People to be stewards (JOKE!)

Seriously though, this is an unauthorised march with no leaders or official organisers, you need to be prepared on the day, bring food & water, make your own banners (this isn’t an SWP return the placard at the end type demo) be creative, plan your actions quietly, make every action count and have back up plans.

Apparently the reason the marches have been restricted by the police is because there are very few roads leading to the ICC, if they were blocked those attending to speak for instance might not be able to get into the talks and it might ruin the day.

Anyone think of anything important that we might have forgotten?

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Convergence space in Brum?

Does anyone know of squats in Brum that are open /opening for supporting activists who are down for the protests? Please comment below with details…


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Unauthorised March

Join us on the march to the ICC, past various targets.

No permission, no stewards, no meetings with the filth, just us, working class action!

Meeting place and route to be announced the night of Saturday Oct 2nd.

Here is a flyer!

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Please mister can we have our protest back?

So surprise surprise the toffs don’t want their special day ruined by the working classes, the cops have moved to change the route of the “Right to work” march and now they are EVERYTHING (hardly anything) in their power to get the march route reinstated.

Q // What do you do when the state takes away your right to lawful protest?

A //  You show them the alternatives to peaceful protest.

It would be pretty darn amazing if the petition over at Right To Work actually gets the march past the main conference buildings. But if it doesn’t (and lets face it, it probably wont) then we need to be reminding those inside that the when they make a peaceful march illegal they give us few options to act with legal means.

To organise with police a march route is in itself a forfeiting of our rights, and our responsibilities.  Do we REALLY believe the state would allow us a march if they thought it might have any effect?

They have drawn their lines in the sand, time for us to step over them.

Its time to fight for our communities!

The time for selling papers and signing petitions is over, its time for REAL working class direct action!

See you on the bloc!

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New web banner for yer blogs!

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About the CPC Convergence

As most of you know, the Tories are holding their Conservative Party Conference in October to meet with various heads of industry to define the future of our communities.

As usual our our interests are being decided by corporations such as RBS, BAES, A|D|S, G4S, ASDA / Wallmart, Tesco and the Tobacco Manufacturers Association to name but a few.

If the corporate involvement of the CPC hasn’t pissed you off enough, the Tories will be holding various champagne breakfasts, dinners and events in Birmingham to discuss cuts in spending that will negatively impact on our lives over the coming months whilst the rich and corporations continue reaping the benefits.

They talk, but what the hell do these bastards know of our struggle?

Enough! You have bitten the hand that fed you for the last time.


CPC Convergence Direct Action Bloc!
Sunday October 3rd 2010 from 12 noon

Remember all the cool kids are wearing black…

Venue / Target map…

Updates / Banners / Posters / Stickers (Mirrors coming soon)

Spread the word and get organised.


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