Who we are, what we will do…

We have been thinking strongly about the purpose of the Direct Action Bloc this Sunday and have come to some conclusions that we hope might define the difference between a successful day and a potential failure, although one persons failure is another persons success and the very act of us acting for our communities is great in itself.

We should always be forward thinking and should never start out by defining what we are not as this gives no clear purpose to our actions.

Who we are.

We are normal people, we are people who get by on a daily basis existing or subsisting on what the ruling classes decides we need to just about survive. But we wish to LIVE not merely survive. We realise that it was our labour and our support that put these cretins in their positions of authority and power, we built their houses, we baked their bread and then we served them drinks. Now they continue to plan on how to give us even less. We all come from different walks of life, some of us are workers, some of us aren’t. We are normal people who have had enough and are willing to use more than words to protect each other and our communities.

Our purpose on the 3rd.

We have learned many things from past actions and from the successes and failures of other mobilisations some celebrated victories, new tactics and some tactics which don’t work so well. Here are some of the things we think might help people on the day.

Be prepared and organised
Organise your own actions, bring you own supplies, be prepared on the day.

Be agile, unpredictable but focused
Cops have to take orders from higher ups, we don’t have any leadership so we can act quickly and effectively.

Disrupt police surveillance of actions
Forward intelligence teams will be out in force on the day, they need to be shown that it isn’t safe for their equipment to be out in such unpredictable situations. Fitwatchers will be around on the day to block cameras and counter the intrusive cops evidence gathering to allow others to continue actions with less of a risk.

Look after one another
The police might attempt snatch arrests, we need to counter this by staying vigilant of snatch squads assembling and announcing them to others around you then intervening to prevent the arrest. Share food and water where possible.

Know when to retreat / regroup
The purpose of the day is not to stand toe to toe fighting the cops all day long, it is to disrupt the Conference events. If one venue is heavily protected by the cops then find another or attack and retreat / regroup. There are plenty of targets on the day don’t get bogged down trying over and over again to get to the main ICC building go for a smaller target. Even go for a target that isn’t on the list Birmingham has a lot of capitalist scum floating around, not to mention countless police stations and courthouses.

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