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Anti Authoritarian Bloc WILL disrupt the Conservative Party Conference.


Unauthorised Working Class March in face of police repression promises to disrupt the Conservative Party Conference.

We are not BIG SOCIETY, we are people from small communities, small pockets of resistance to BIG CORPORATIONS that have a detrimental effect on our villages, towns and cities, we don’t have BIG bank accounts or BIG houses, but now, we have BIG plans.

They get pay-rises, we get p45s, they get bonuses, we get default notices, they reap the benefits of our labour, then remove our benefits when we can’t find work.

As expected the new coalition have developed a plan of cutting deep into the lives of only the poorest members of society, leaving the rich with corporate tax breaks amounting to £24 billion.

The Tory Party Conference will be hosting talks from heads of corporations which degrade and enslave our communities, exploit and support the murder of people worldwide and destroy environmental land bases.

These companies include: RBS, BAES, A|D|S, G4S, ASDA / Wal-Mart, Tesco and the Tobacco Manufacturers Association.
What can cavorting with these companies do to help us?

On the 3rd of October an Unauthorised March organised by various working class action groups around the UK will take place, we will take back our streets from authorities who denied us the right to march, we will do everything within our power to stop those attending the conference from getting to the host venues using civil disobedience and direct action.

We serve notice on those in power that this stops here, capitalism is in its death throes and we are here to toast to its demise!

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